Terry Flat + Snappi Diaper Fastener + Hemp Doubler + Fleece Liner

  • Rs. 549.00

Eco Green Baby Bamboo Terry Flat :

Eco Green Baby Bamboo Terry flats are Stretchy, super soft and higly absorbent!!

Bamboo Terry is 80% more absorbent than cotton

Colorful Edges

Flats can be folded in numerous way (Check you tube videos for various folds)

Use with Snappi and Diaper Cover

Size 60*60 (Prewashing)


Snappi® Diaper Fasteners

Create a Snug Fitting Diaper WITHOUT PINS!

The best Cloth Diaper Fastener in the world!

The Snappi® Diaper Fastener revolutionized cloth diapering over 26 years ago! This all-in-one diaper fastener offers a practical and reliable way to fasten a cloth diaper. It is the cloth diapering necessity that “PULLS IT ALL TOGETHER.”™


Snappi®s are made from a stretchable non-toxic material. Their T-shaped stretchable arms have grips on each end, which hook into the diaper fabric ensuring a snug-fitting diaper with enough natural movement for baby’s comfort. A cover is essential over the Snappi® fastener to prevent it from catching onto something and coming undone.


Reusable Fleece Liners


Stay dry liners are super soft and breathable fabric that creates a stay dry feeling to the little ones.Use with Inserts/ Fitteds/ Bamboo /Flats/Prefolds


Easy Clean up of cloth diapers

Protects the cloth diapers from ointments and creams