Purple Cactus Double Gusset Charcoal Bamboo Pocket

  • Rs. 369.00
  • Save Rs. 80

Style: One-size Charcoal Bamboo Pocket Diaper

Brand: Simfamily

Outer: Waterproof, breathable PUL material

Inner: Stay-dry Charcoal Bamboo

Gussets: Double

Insert: Inserts are to be bought separately

Snaps: 4*3 Rise snaps and hip snaps to fit lean babies

Rise Settings: S, M, L & XL to fit babies from 4-14 kg


Wash the PUL Pocket once before first use
Adjust rise settings before stuffing the insert
Stuff the insert of your choice into the Pocket opening, and go ahead wearing it on the little bum

Double Gussets guarantees bulletproof diapering without any leaks or spills. It holds the poop intact even when your baby is fussy
Charcoal Bamboo layer extends utmost ease of cleaning off the poop
Gentle elastics along the crotch and hip leaving almost no elastic marks on the baby’s skin
Wide, spacious opening to accommodate extra inserts for nighttime diapering
Captivating prints to choose from, and snug fit
Recommended Wash Instructions:

Make use of mild diaper-friendly detergent
Do not use fabric conditioners of any kind
Avoid extensive sun drying
Hand wash or machine wash
Suits both line drying and tumble drying
Happy Cloth Diapering!