Organic Cotton Muslin Flats - Pack of 2

Organic Cotton Muslin Flats - Pack of 2

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Insert Type: 100% certified Organic Cotton

Brand: Eco Green

Combo pack contains: 2 Organic Cotton Muslin Flats of Panda Print

Dimension: 70*70 cm (Pre-washing dimension)

Safe to touch the baby's skin: Yes

Stay-dry: No 


  • Use it directly on the baby's skin with the help of Snappi/Diaper Pin
  • Pad-fold it and use it inside a pocket diaper 
  • Pad-fold it and top a fleece liner and use it with a Diaper Cover for daytime diapering
  • Use it also as a Bath towel, regular wiping towel, or swaddling cloth. 


  • This organic muslin cotton flat is ultra-soft. It gets even softer with wash 
  • The drying time is too quick, and so they are your winter saviors! 
  • Completely free from all kinds of harmful dyes and toxic materials
  • Highly versatile, as they can be folded in different ways and wrapped around the baby during diaper-free hours, and used as inserts inside pockets/diaper covers 
  • Affordable pricing