Eco Green Terrific Night Combo

Eco Green Terrific Night Combo

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Eco Green Terrific Night Combo has an Alva Bamboo AIO,a Happy Flute AI2, Bamboo Organic Cotton Spandex insert and a Fleece liner.



Type: One size pocket AIO diaper with double rows of snaps. 

 Material: Outer --- PUL (waterproof and breathable). 

Inner --- Soft stay-dry Suede Cloth  

Sewn in insert --- 4 layers bamboo insert ( 2 Layers of bamboo + 2 Layers of microfiber) 


1. 3x3 snaps for better fitting. 

2. AIO diapers are easy to use, machine washable and dryable. 

3.  Back pocket opening for stuffing an extra insert if needed. 




Type: One size Ai2 Cloth Diapers

Gussets: Single  

Material: Outer - PUL (waterproof and breathable).


Two detachable inserts:

Insert 1: Snap insert made of 1 layer of Velour and 3 layers of Bamboo Cotton

Insert 2: 3 layers of bamboo cotton soaker

Rise Settings: 4


  1. 4x3 snaps for better fitting.
  2. AI2 diapers are easy to use, wash and maintain. As they come in two parts, the dry time is shorter
  3. Super soft velour inner
  4. Suits both hand washing as well as machine washing

Bamboo Organic Cotton Spandex:


Specification: Size: 70 cm * 70cm

48% Bamboo, 48% Organic Cotton,4% Spandex

Stretchy,super soft and highly absorbent


Fleece Liner:


Product: Fleece Liners. They are stay-dry liners with super-soft, breathable fabric.

 Brand: Eco Green 

Compatibility: These liners can be topped on any type of Cloth Diaper like fitted, flats, prefolds, all-in-one or all-in-two.

Safe to touch the baby's skin: Yes

Stay-dry: Yes 


  1. The fleece-liner is basically a stay-dry layer. This can be used along with any non-stay-dry insert when used with a Diaper Cover
  2. The liner also aids in easily cleaning the soiled diapers
  3. It also acts as a barrier to protect your Cloth Diapers from creams or ointments applied on baby's skin

Features: The fleece liners are large and compatible with almost all kinds of Cloth Diapers. They are super-soft to touch the baby's skin.


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