Origami Bird - Bamboo Terry - Training Pants

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Style: One-size Training Pant

Outer: Waterproof PUL

Inner: Bamboo Terry

Gussets: Single

Insert: Sewn-in Bamboo Insert

Snaps: 3*3 rise snaps

Brand: PUL Training Pants

Rise Settings: 3 rise settings to fit babies from 18 months to 3 years


Training pants come handy when your little one is in his potty training phase. The pant can hold up to 1 pee, and is not stay-dry so that your kid can notify you when peed or pooped.                                                                 


  • The Training Pant is ready to use - no need of snapping or stuffing
  • This can be used right after first wash


  1. Snug fit that it almost looks like an underwear
  2. Dries quickly, thus suitable across seasons
  3. Very soft elastics, leaving almost no marks
  4. Adorable prints for boys and girls

Recommended Wash Instructions:

  • Peed pants can be washed with mild detergent. And with the pooped ones, knock off solids and toss into the wash cycle
  • Make use of mild diaper-friendly detergent
  • Do not use fabric conditioners of any kind
  • Avoid extensive sun drying
  • Hand wash or machine wash
  • Suits both line drying and tumble drying

Happy Cloth Diapering!