Blazing Pink - Naughty Baby - Bamboo Cotton Fitted - No Hip Snaps

Blazing Pink - Naughty Baby - Bamboo Cotton Fitted - No Hip Snaps

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Style: One-size Fitted Diapers

Outer: PUL laminated with Bamboo Cotton Velour (Absorbent and breathable)

Inner: Bamboo Cotton Fleece

Gussets: Single

Insert: Snap-on 3-layer Bamboo Cotton Insert

Snaps: 3*3 rise snaps. No Hip Snaps

Rise Settings: S, M, L to fit babies from 4-15 kg


  • Snap on the insert and go ahead wearing it on your tot. It’s easy-peasy
  • Use the diaper right after first wash, but wait for 10-12 washes to enjoy its fullest absorbency


  1. The fitted diaper comes with 2 pieces - the Cover and the Insert. This helps in quick drying, thus suitable for all seasons
  2. The diaper is absorbent all around and hence keeps the baby dry not just in the crotch area, but along the hip, sides, tummy and front
  3. Highly suitable for babies with sensitive skin, as their skin gets in touch only with the super-soft fleece and bamboo cotton
  4. Bamboo velour is ultra-soft that you would absolutely love holding your little one!


  • Add a booster to increase absorbency for heavy-wetting babies/night-time diapering
  • If required, make use of a waterproof Diaper Cover over the Fitted

Recommended Wash Instructions:

  • Make use of mild diaper-friendly detergent
  • Do not use fabric conditioners of any kind
  • Avoid extensive sun drying
  • Hand wash or machine wash
  • Suits both line drying and tumble drying

Happy Cloth Diapering!