SunBaby Size 2 Microfleece Pocket Diapers

SunBaby Size 2 Microfleece Pocket Diapers

Style: One-size Microfleece Pocket Diaper


Brand: Sunbaby


Size: Size-2


Outer: Waterproof, breathable PUL material


Inner: Stay-dry Fleece Cloth


Gussets: Single


Insert: Inserts are to be bought separately


Snaps: 3*2 rise snaps and Hip snaps to fit lean babies


Suitable for: This size-2 pocket diaper is ideal for chunkier babies


Rise Settings: S, M, L and XL to fit babies from 3-15 kg




  • Wash the PUL Pocket and the insert once before first use
  • Adjust rise settings before stuffing the insert
  • Stuff the insert (of your choice) into the wide, comfy pocket opening and go ahead wearing it on the little bum!



  • Smooth and silky Microfleece inner keeps the baby’s skin dry
  • Gentle elastics to suit the tenderly baby skin
  • Large pocket opening wide enough to comfortably stuff more than 2 inserts

Recommended Wash Instructions:


  • Make use of mild diaper-friendly detergent
  • Do not use fabric conditioners of any kind
  • Avoid extensive sun drying
  • Hand wash or machine wash
  • Suits both line drying and tumble drying


                                                       Happy Cloth Diapering!

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