Cotton Training Pants - Medium

Cotton Training Pants - Medium

Style: Medium-sized Cotton Training Pants


Brand: Babyfriend


Outer: 100% cotton


Inner: 3-layers including Microfibre, Terry and PUL


Snaps: Nil


Available Sizes: S, M and L


Size Compatibility:


Medium: 9.3-15.2kg – suitable for 6-18 months


Note: If your baby is chunkier, opt for next size


Rise Settings: Nil




  • Wash the cotton training pant once before use
  • Highly recommended for babies in their potty training phase
  • Peed pants can be directly tossed into the laundry.
  • For pooped pants, knock off the solids, rinse with water and switch to the laundry cycle
  • No need of any stuffing or snapping. Simply, go on and use it on your baby just like an underwear
  • Note that the Cotton Training Pant is not recommended for overnight use




  • Cotton outer keeps the baby bum cool, especially ideal for summer season
  • Excellent absorbency with Microfibre and Terry inner layers
  • PUL layer makes it waterproof
  • Gentle elastics along the crotch and hip leaving almost no elastic marks on the baby’s skin
  • Convenient to use for diaper-free hours
  • Lovely adorable prints in various colors


Recommended Wash Instructions:

  • Make use of mild diaper-friendly detergent
  • Do not use fabric conditioners of any kind
  • Avoid extensive sun drying
  • Hand wash or machine wash
  • Suits both line drying and tumble drying


                                                                     Happy Cloth Diapering!

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