Boingo - Diaper Fastener

Boingo - Diaper Fastener



Experience the real ease of daytime cloth diapering with strong and sturdy diaper fasteners. Eco Green has Boingo diaper fasteners as well as Snappi diaper fasteners both of which are sought-after by new mothers.


These diaper fasteners seamlessly eliminate the need for Diaper Covers or Pockets, and make it uber-convenient to handle cloth diapering during those initial days of frequent poops and pees.


Diaper fasteners are diaper securing tools that beautifully hold Flat cloth diapers and prefolds in place around your baby bum.

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What is Boingo Diaper Fastener?


Boingo are safe and easy-to-use diaper fasteners used to secure Flats, prefold cloth diapers and few types of fitted cloth diapers.


Boingo come with curved edges to act safe on your baby. They come in pairs and need to be secured at either sides of the hip. Being curvy, these diaper fasteners also allow longer durability of cloth diaper fabrics.




• Multiple color options

• Strong and sturdy make

• Safe to use on baby

• Quirky looks


Usage instructions:


• Stretch it a few times before first use

• Make use of 2 Boingo diaper fasteners to secure flat/prefold/fitted cloth diaper

• Secure the cloth diaper at either sides of the hip area of cloth diaper


Simple to use, boingo's come in a pack of two. Use one for a smaller baby and two for a large more mobile baby, they are one size, so there is no need to buy a bigger size later!


Note: Boingo diaper fasteners work wonderful on fabrics including cotton, bamboo, kinds of knitted fabrics, and select types of hemp.


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