All Hemp Insert

All Hemp Insert

Insert Type: Hemp


Total number of layers: 4


Brand: Eco Green


Usage: As the name indicates, the Hemp Doubler is an insert used to double up the absorbency. It can be paired with any daytime/nighttime insert. It can also be used as a booster in all-in-one diapers


Safe to touch the baby's skin: Yes


Prepping: Hemp inserts require 10-12 washes to reach fullest absorbency


Stay-dry: No


Compatibility: This super-absorbent Hemp doubler insert can be paired with any insert like Microfiber, Charcoal Bamboo, Bamboo Cotton, etc.




  • Eco Green Hemp doubler is ultra-thin and gives you a trim fit
  • Its contour shape makes it comfortable to perfectly fit in between the baby's thighs
  • This Hemp double comes with immaculate absorbency that you can easily add up the absorbency of any cloth diaper used on your baby.


    PriceFrom ₹420.00
    Excluding Taxes