Wash and Care

How to wash a Cloth Diaper?


Washing Cloth Diapers, uh, that isn’t a big deal! If you’ve ever washed your regular laundry by hand or the machine, you’re sure to wash those tiny dipes seamlessly!

Here is a guide!


What to do with those dirty diapers?

The peed dipes

Tadaaan! Toss it into the pail!

Peed diapers can be directly thrown into the pail and wait for the laundry session. It is optional to rinse the peed diaper before it goes to the pail.



The pooped ones

Spray water - knock solids off - agitate until clean - toss into the pail
Getting rid of those solids is not as messy as you fear it to be! Spray water using a hand faucet or simply a mug full of water (cold water is okay!) and flush the solids into the toilet - only the stains and particles are to remain now. Agitate a few times with plain water so that there is no poop clinging to the dipe. Now, toss it into the diaper pail. Let it rest there to meet the detergent during the laundry cycle.


Quick Tip: Make sure to store the dirty diapers in a well ventilated place in an open pail


How long can the diaper wait in the pail?


The answer to this question partially depends on your stash. If you have enough stash, you may choose to laundry your diapers once in 2-3 days. However, sticking to wash routine of once in two days is recommended than to wait for three or more days.



Remember: Delicate fibers such as Bamboo may break down with prolonged dampness. Such diapers needs to be compulsorily washed within a day of usage, be it peed/pooped


Best Way to Store Dirty Diapers

Used diapers need to be stored in an open pail in an airy place. In specific, diapers made of natural fibers such as Bamboo should be hung along the sides of the pail.



The Best Detergent


It’s simple! Any mild detergent without additives or conditioners of any kind are ideal to wash your cloth diapers. This naturally invites the doubt about what exactly an additive means - if the detergent wrap says it contains xyz for super washing, abc for bright washing, blah, blah, blah for fresh washing, and so on, EUREKA, you’ve discovered that it contains additives. Stay away from it.
Detergents like Tide plus, Surf Excel Gentle, Amway sa8 laundry detergent,Krya,Rustic Art, etc. are good choice to go with.


The Amount of Detergent


This depends on the recommended volume of detergent as guided by the Washing Machine Manual. And in case of hand washing, you can add a scoop of detergent in a bucket full of water to wash the dipes. Keep in mind that the detergent usage should be mild so that there is no detergent build up in the diapers.


Hand washing Guide


If you choose to hand wash, soak the dirty diapers in cold (or warm) water for 10-15 minutes using mild detergent. Follow this with agitating the diaper against itself for 15-20 times until the dirt goes off. In case of deep, strong stains, make a thick paste out of the detergent and water and apply it in the stained area for about a minute and wash it off.  Now, rinse the diapers in cold water two times and wring it out.




Deal with Drying

 Do you know that sunlight is magical? It has rich antibacterial and disinfectant and stain-removal properties that will seriously put you awestruck in your cloth diapering journey. Any diaper with deep stains when subjected to sunlight will transform into a fresh, bright diaper as though it has got superpowers! So, naturally, we recommend you to sun dry your diapers for 2-2.5 hours following which they can be dried under shade. The reason for recommending restricted sun drying for specific period is to retain the softness of the diaper fabric which otherwise will be lost with prolonged sunlight exposure.




The Yes and No of Washing Your Diapers