Cover Diapers

Cover Diapers

A Cover Diaper is a very economical Cloth Diapering option that is highly recommended for daytime diapering.

Diaper Pattern

Waterproof Cover + Snap-in/Lay in Insert

A Cover Diaper consists of a waterproof, breathable outer shell (usually made of PUL) with rise snaps and hip snaps/velcro closure. The inner side of the shell usually consists of snap buttons to attach the insert. Stay-dry insert of any kind can be snap-attached or laid inside the Diaper Cover. There is also an even better, economical option where you can pad-fold a homemade Flat Diaper and lay a Fleece Liner as the top layer and use it with a Diaper Cover.

Best for:

Daytime diapering


  • Adjust the rise settings of the Diaper Cover
  • Snap or lay the insert and wrap it around the baby bum
  • Once peed, the insert can be removed and thrown into the laundry routine, and the diaper cover can be air-dried and reused.
  • Pooped diapers must be tossed into the laundry routine including the diaper cover and the insert

Why choose Cover Diapers?

  • Economical – Diaper Covers are absolutely economical as the shell can be reused. Having a good stash of 4-6 Diaper Covers and a bunch of inserts would suffice for mums who wish to cloth diaper on budget
  • Best for newborns – as newborns tend to outgrow newborn size diapers very soon, opting for diaper covers is a smart way to kick-start your cloth diapering journey. In the infanthood period of your baby, a decent stash of inserts and newborn covers would suffice.
  • Dries quickly - As the shell and inserts are detachable, they take very less time to dry out entirely as compared to other kinds of diapers like All-in-ones or Pockets
Convenience during travel - with Cover Diapers, it is very easy to wash, dry and reuse the diaper while on travel, especially as they can be reused and dry out quickly. This eliminates the need for carrying a bulky load of cloth diapers when you head out.