Pocket Diapers

A Pocket Diaper is a very versatile Cloth Diaper that suits both daytime as well as nighttime diapering needs.

Diaper Pattern

Pocket Shell + Absorbent Insert

A Pocket Diaper consists of a waterproof, breathable outer shell (usually made of PUL) with rise snaps and hip snaps/velcro closure. This shell is sewn with a stay-dry inner lining (usually made of Microfleece or Microsuede) in such a way that it forms a pocket opening at one/either ends for stuffing the absorbent insert. You are also free to use a homemade flat as a Pocket Diaper insert.

Best for:

Daytime as well as nighttime diapering


  • Adjust the rise settings of the Pocket shell
  • Stuff the absorbent insert of your choice into the pocket opening and wear it on the baby bum
  • Whether peed or pooped, the entire diaper including the Pocket shell and the insert should be tossed into the laundry routine

Why choose Pocket Diapers?

  • Versatality - In Pocket Diapers, the absorbency can be increased or decreased as per your choice. So, they work wonders for daytime as well as nighttime diapering.
  • Dries quickly - As the shell and inserts are detachable, they take lesser time to dry as compared to other diapers like All-in-ones
  • Friendly on the bum - In most Pocket Diapers, the stay-dry lining works excellent in keeping the baby bum dry. Your little one will be free to enjoy calma and relaxed sleep and playtime in Pocket Diapers
Ease of cleaning - You can easily knock off the solids and hand wash/machine wash the diaper. That’s simple!