All-in-One Diapers

All-in-one diaper is the easiest of all types of Cloth Diapers. These are sought-after choice for nighttime diapering

Diaper Pattern

Waterproof Shell with sewn-in inserts

All-in-One Diaper has a waterproof, breathable outer shell (usually made of PUL) with rise snaps and hip snaps. The absorbent insert usually comes stitched with the shell. This insert is usually stay-dry. In a few AIOs, there is also a pocket to add boosters for increasing absorbency in order to cater to nighttime diapering needs.

Best for:

Daytime diapering and nighttime diapering


  • Adjust the rise settings and go on wrapping it around the baby bum
  • Whether peed or pooped, the entire diaper should be tossed into the laundry routine

Why choose AIO Diapers?

  • Utmost convenience – With AIO diapers, you enjoy maximum convenience just the way you do with disposables. No stuffing or snapping required – go on and wear it on the baby bum as it is!
  • Ease of use for grannies – Grandparents who are new to the entire concept of cloth diapering can still diaper their grandchildren with absolute ease using AIO diapers. It’s simple – wear, remove, wash, repeat!