AI2 Diapers

AI2 is a two-part diaper with detachable inserts

Diaper Pattern

Two-part cloth diapers with a reusable shell and snap-in/lay-in insert

AI2 diapers come in two parts:

Part 1 - the waterproof, breathable outer shell with provision for snap attachment

Part 2 - insert that can either be laid in or snapped onto the shell.

Best for:

Daytime, nighttime and travel diapering


  • Adjust the rise settings
  • Snap in or lay in the AI2 insert and go on wrapping it around the baby bum
  • With peed diapers, the insert has to be tossed on the laundry stash and the shell be air-dried for few hours and reused
  • When pooped, the entire diaper including the shell and the insert should be tossed into the laundry stash

Why choose AI2 Diapers?

  • Quick Drying Time – as they come in two parts, AI2 diapers dry out quick
  • Economical – As the shell can be reused, AI2 serve as economical diapering option and ideal for travel time diapering. With a decent stash of inserts and a few AI2 shells, you’re good to go!

The Downside

  • Requires assembling
  • One would rather choose a Diaper Cover and a Prefold (or other insert of choice) that works quite the same as AI2

Ending a war of words - AI2, Diaper Covers and Hybrid

Often times AI2 diapers, Hybrid Diapers and Diaper Covers cause confusion with their similarities in pattern - no wonder, because they are almost the same, but with a few meagre differences.

AI2 diapers come with inserts that can be snap-attached which is not the case with most of the Diaper Covers.

In Hybrid Diapers, you have the provision to add either disposable biodegradable insert or reusable cloth insert – either ones can be laid in. However, in terms of functionality, Hybrid and AI2 are quite the same.