Cotton Prefolds - Premium Size - Unbleached

Cotton Prefolds - Premium Size - Unbleached

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Insert Type: Cotton

Layers:  4 * 8 * 4 layers 

Fabric: 100% unbleached cotton 

Brand: Eco Green

Compatibility: The insert can be used directly as a pre-fold or as insert inside one-size Pocket Diaper

Usage: This insert can be used as a prefold with a snappi fastener. Or it can be folded in thirds and used with a Diaper Cover. It suits babies from 6.8 kg to 13.5 Kg.

Safe to touch the baby's skin: Yes

Stay-dry: No 

Prepping: It takes 5-6 washes to reach its fullest absorbency 


  • Very Soft, absorbent & breathable
  • Durable and Long Lasting
  • Pretty light green edges
  • Easy to wash and quick drying time 
  • No room for those icky polyester stink 
  • Convenient to use on babies who have not started rolling over 


Note: These cotton pre-folds are likely to shrink by 5-10%